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Many women achievers that I have spoken to over the years have found the journey to success difficult as there doesn’t seem to be a place where they can get, not only the financial education , but also the strength and support network that they need to succeed.   It’s been a difficult decade and it is during these times when our financial stability affects our confidence and the happiness of our family.  It’s at times like this when we need the strength of the community to rise above the obstacles placed before us and excel to financial freedom.

Take Control Of Your Financial Education

I keep saying this but the bottom line is that as women we need to take control of our financial destiny and not rely on the government or anyone else to bail us out. You see, money  controls our everyday lives, it give you the freedom to travel, buy things you desire and get off the bottom rung of Maslow’s pyramid, so that we feel happy and fulfilled.  Many people are slaves to money and if you doubt what I am saying, then think about how you feel when you get paid at the end of the month.  Think about how you feel when you are spending it and how you feel when you cannot buy that dress or those shoes because they are too expensive.  Most go through life unaware of exactly how money controls their everyday life.  It is for this reason that money keeps us enslaved but it can also set us free, once you master the money game.  Getting financial education is the key to financial freedom.

The opportunity to learn from the author of Rich Woman, Kim Kiyosaki at a Women Achievers Event.


For women who have a vision for what they want in life  and are willing to do what it takes to turn that vision into a reality.

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If you look carefully around you there are women achievers everywhere.  Stop and are taking notice, there are in your work place, in your community, they are you.  There is a great opportunity to learn from the author of Rich Woman, Kim Kiyosaki.  Success Resources will be hosting Kim at a women’s only London event.   Kim will show you how following your dream can get you the life you desire.  Not only will you be learning from the best and upscaling your financial education, you will also have the opportunity to access a wide range of tools developed specifically for your complete financial education. Most importantly, you will connect with a network of powerful, like-minded, and supportive women to build a strong foundation for your success.

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Kimberley Drummond

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