How To Win The Mental Game Of Business

Ok, so you set your financial goal and somehow it’s now the end of the month and you still haven’t hit it.  Worse still, you’re nowhere near hitting it!

You have an amazing product or service but you can’t or won’t sell it at all.  You truly want IT but somehow even the low hanging fruits elude you.  Tantalus comes to mind each time you try to gain the sale.

You’ve joined many a course or program and for some reason which you cannot seem to understand, you find it difficult to implement the strategies given.

Of course it’s not your fault!  

It’s those silly people out there who do not understand how amazing your product is. And or course the government is to blame for the economic standing of businesses. Surely, you cannot be expected to hit your financial goals with everything that is going on in the economy.  And as for the program, Mr Guru or Mrs Guru did not give enough information and their course just doesn’t work!

Guess what?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not Mr or Mrs Guru’s fault.  Nor is it your client’s, customers, upline, downline, boss, colleague, family, or whoever you’d like to add to that list.  The answer lies in your mind.

Tell me…

How would it feel if you were to hit your financial goal?  What would that do for you and your business?

How would it feel to have a stream of people calling you wanting to buy what you have to offer? AWESOME right?  

Well guess what?  All this is possible and closer than you think.  

You see, business is a head game.  How people win or how people fail in business can be found in the MIND.  There are several ways in which you can master your mindset and the 5 Day Mindset Challenge is a great way to get started.  Most people think that working harder will do the trick, but this in itself will not change your results.  Here are 3 Top ways in which you can change the results that you see in your business.

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When you want to do what you’ve never done you have to start by visualising the end result.  Create your success story.

In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first recorded man to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  John Reese was the first man to make a million dollars online in one day.  Since then, there have been many 4 minute milers and many million dollar day online launches.  But how did  they do it and why were they the first?

The key lies in the mind.  They first had to see it in their mind’s eye before they could actually obtain it and hold it in their hand.  They were obsessed with the vision that they had in their minds and this is what you need to do.  

Create a vision of what you are aiming for.  If you are visual, create vision board, if you are auditory record an audio of your future self talking to the current you after having achieved your goal.  If you are kinaesthetic write a lengthy note to yourself with the full details of what it feels like to achieve your goal.  Visualise it, in it’s entirety!


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What?? Yes you heard right!  You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, but did you know that the most influential voice you will ever hear is the one in your head.  It’s what can make or break you.  It’s always there talking, advising and trying to keep you safe from danger.  

Before you can actually conquer the limiting beliefs that have been instilled into your subconscious mind, you have to first LISTEN.  

That’s right! Stop and listen to the inner conversations that you are having.  Take note of what is being said and how it’s making your feel.  What is being said to keep you safe especially with regards to achieving your goals and growing your business.  Remember, this is just a listening session and it’s not about trying to structure your ideal conversation but instead looking at the way things actually are.


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Now, most people complain about the lack of time to do this and that, and perhaps you’re one of them. If so, then uncovering the secret to finding more time would be amazing.  But we all have 24 hours a day and that’s the way it will stay for now.  So, the question now becomes, how do the success find time to do so much stuff?

Well, if you want to achieve your business goals and start living that life that you’re always talking about, then you’ve got to start doing things differently. You can get so much done if you simply start your day an hour or two earlier.  Sound too good to be true right?  But studies have shown that the most productive hours in the day are between 4am and 7am.  The choice is your but if you want to see  major progress toward achieving your goals then start by waking up a little bit earlier.

Use the strategies above and start seeing your results change.  If you want better and faster results, join us now in the 5 Day Mindset Challenge, by clicking join below, where I cover this is more detail. But not only that, you will also get access to our private community of entrepreneurs where you can share your ideas, wins and challenges and get the support that you need to get results and grow your business.