Ways To Be More Productive



  1. Have confidence in yourself to get things done: If you keep telling yourself that you have a poor memory, it’s unlikely that you’re making the effort to improve it. Find ways to motivate yourself and keep a positive attitude.
  2. Write things down: Don’t try to keep everything in your head. Use a planner, calendar and set up reminders. This is particularly helpful when you are working on a new habit.
  3. Take care of you: If you are not taking care of yourself, you will feel tired and unmotivated. Try to get some exercise and eat right, and you’ll be more productive.
  4. Stay on task with timers and alarms: Do you plan your day, but often get sidetracked and end up spending time working on unimportant tasks? Timers can help to remind you to get back to the task at hand. Set a loud timer to go off periodically to remind you to stay focused.
  5. Take advantage of new technology to help you stay organized: Learn about new tools that can help you to stay organized and remember important details. For smart phone users, look into phone apps like Evernote and Remember the Milk.
  6. Keep your notes and to-dos in one place: If you prefer to keep your to-do lists separate from your calendar or planner, pick one notebook. Avoid sticky notes and miscellaneous slips of paper, which are likely to get lost. However, don’t underestimate the power of a post-it note for last minute reminders. If you have a habit of leaving things at home in the morning, post a sticky note on the door as a last minute reminder!

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