The Art Of Receiving

Life’s Philosphy

It is imperative for any giver to have a receiver – the act of giving cannot be complete without the receiving opposite – the Ying-Yang of life.

This fact is often overseen – we often look at the wonderful trait of ‘giving’ as an act standing by itself. We perceive ‘giving’ as the ultimate positive characteristic in any person:

‘She is a wonderful person… a great giver.’

Often we look at things in a simplified way – Givers are good – Giving is good!

But is it that simple?

Givers and Receivers vs. Doers and Takers

There is a huge difference between the ‘givers and receivers’ and ‘doers and takers’.

I’ve been looking into this quite a lot as there were times in my life that I would feel emptied and exhausted by ‘giving, giving, giving’ and not getting back in return.  This was probably because I was in a ‘doing’ mode and I can assure you that there are plenty of ‘takers’ who will happily oblige…

So.. if your ‘giving’ is draining you… being here, right now, reading this, should help you.

For us to understand ‘Giving’ in it’s entirety, we need to learn the ‘Art of Receiving’.

To ensure that energy and prosperity keeps coming to us, we have to keep the energy circulating, just like a river must keep flowing.  If the river stops flowing, it begins to stagnate, to suffocate and strangle its very own life force.  It is this circulation that keeps a river and every living thing in it alive and vital. Understand that giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. If you stop or stagnate the flow of either, you interfere with nature’s intelligence.

Here are a few things that you need to know when understanding the Art of Giving.

Every Giver Needs a Receiver

Really?  The straight forward answer is “YES!”  So, why is it that receiving make most of us feel uncomfortable?  Why is it that when we are offered a compliment and we find ways to brush it off and not accepting it?

Someone comes along and offers us help and we quickly jump into the

“No thanks, I’m fine… I’ll manage…”

You may have thought that receiving a gift, advice or help from someone would actually be easy, but that’s not the case.

The fact is we’ve been conditioned that it is better to give than to receive, so people struggle with receiving. Many relationships suffer because one party can spend years neglecting their needs and giving to the other party. This eventually causes resentment and anger especially if the other party is good at receiving and not so much on the giving side.

Women are especially guilty of this and suffer because they have not mastered the art of receiving. Even something as small as someone complimenting their efforts, good sense or beauty.

The truth is that many of us identify receiving with some form of weakness and shame.  It makes us feel vulnerable and fragile. That’s a feeling that most people spend a lot of time trying to eliminate.  So, instead of accepting and being a good ‘receiver’, we readily decline and this in turn stops natures flow.

There are only a few people in this world that have mastered the art of receiving.  Those are the people we see as having an abundance of good things coming their way.

Here’s the thing…

True receiving requires a person to open up, let go and trust the giver.  Everything can learnt and mastered by constant repetition.

So start here…

Start by noticing how much there is to receive and don’t be selfish or get distracted. Receive it generously and abundantly, showing your appreciation every opportunity you can.

Receiving Exercises

  1. When someone compliments you…let the giver do their part and be grateful for their compliment.  Learn to just say “Thank You”
  2. Whatever you do, stop complaining.  If this is your habit it will be very hard to stop but practise makes perfect.  The thing is when we complain, what we are saying is that we are not happy with what we are receiving, we are not happy with what you are being given.
  3. Be YOU! This for many may be the hardest thing to do, but try. Stop trying to pretend to be ‘perfect’, showing only your ‘awesomeness’.  Be real and start showing your vulnerabilities too.  You are a whole person, with strengths and weakness. Accepting this facilitates giving and receiving.
  4. Have GRATITUDE! Take a few minutes each day thinking about and writing now on paper,at least 5 things that you are grateful for.  Let this become part of your daily routine.  This gratitude will send out vibrations of energy that will attract even more blessings to you.

These 4 steps are the bases for receiving and giving always follows automatically.  This is the Alchemy of mastering the art of receiving. This practice will nourish you well in your personal life and in your business.

 With Love,
Kimberley Drummond