How to reach shoppers on Pinterest at Christmas

We’ve all been pinner our favourite things on Pinterest, but we all know how stressful Christmas shopping can be especially if you’re trying to figure out the ideal gift for a loved one. So, this year, Pinterest has decided to help shoppers by launching the Pinterest Secret Santa. Well, Pinterest has decided to help Pinners through this.

How does this work?

Pinterest Secret Santa allows you to find your friend and family on Pinterest and then creates a custom gift idea board based on what they have been saving (pinning).  Pinners will get a personalised idea board that will include Pins of the gift and ideas that are currently trending including suggestions from Santa. Santa is also joining forces with the likes of Amazon and Universal Pictures.

What if they are not on Pinterest?

Don’t worry Santa even if they are not on Pinterest, Santa’s got them covered. Pinners can create or select a persona that is the person that they want to give a give to and then let Secret Santa do all the work.

How Can I Use This For My Business?

This is great news for businesses because Pinners are actual buyers.  They are 35% more likely to buy than when they are on this platform, plus they spend 45% more than non-Pinners when they decide to spend.

Moreover, data has shown that Pinners start their search for the ideal Christmas gift far sooner than people who do not use Pinterest.  Now, is the time to start sharing your gift ideas.  For those of you that are in the Food, retail, beauty or entertainment industry, check out the category specific post over at Pinterest.

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I would love to hear from you. How are you going to use Pinterest’s Secret Santa?  Comment below with your ideas.