“Every failure brings with is a seed of equivalent advantage”  Napoleon Hill

Failure happens to all of us, even the people we see as successful.  In fact, the successful people experience more failures because they seem to take more risks than the rest of the population.  Failing at something does not make you a failure.  It is the way you see any given situation that will determine your actions which will either make you a success or not.  Those that seem to have success view failure in a totally different way.It is the way that they perceive things. Perception is very important.

What is perception?  Perception is one of the intellectual faculties.  It is our point of view, our reality.  When we see something that causes us to think that something cannot be done, we can change our perception and that can change our lives. Your perception is generally controlled by your paradigm which then controls your logic.   Ideas, buildings, places, thoughts and other things can be viewed from many different points of view.  Each time you alter your point of view your perception will change. This is neither good nor bad and yet it could be either.  Your perception will be the determining factor.

There are two sides to every story, two sides to a coin, if fact there are sides to everything.  We live in a 3 dimensional world.  When dealing with any situation it is what you focus on, what you give energy to that will become your reality.  People who accomplish great things know that there is a possibility of failing at something, however, they give all their mental energy to what is positive.

Think about it…You could be holding yourself back from an exciting business venture or a dynamic career because of your perception of what you can do, what you are capable of.  Many people have the  potential to be great salespeople, but remain stuck selling small items, going from door to door because of their perception of selling.    As you gather more information about a place, a thing, a person, or a situation, you will find your perception will change.

When you find yourself thinking about something you would like to do, think about what is holding you back? It is your perception of that situation.  Another point of view may present the right road to a wonderful future that you desire. If you look at an area of your business and think that it can’t be done, you can change your “perception” of that situation and come up with ideas of how it can be done.

 “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer

Shift your perception and things will start moving in your life.  What are you focusing on?  Lack or success?

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