My Lead System Pro (MSLP) Review

If you’ve been looking for ways to generate more leads online, learn specific skills to help you grow your business but not sure where to look, then you are in the right place.  What I’ve discovered is exactly what I’ve been searching for and it’s too good not to share with you as well.  It’s called, My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

What Is MLSP?

My Lead System Pro or MLSP, teaches network marketers the art of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the concept of leading with value to attract your perfect prospects to you.  This concept of leading with value is important, especially when using social media, where you can attract your ideal prospect.

The training I have received from My Lead System Pro since I joined, has helped me attract a lot of leads to me and get traffic to my site. MLSP combines a way to earn commissions with cutting edge training for today’s network marketer.

What Do You Get?

  • Training!  One of the things that I love, and you will too, about MLSP is the endless amount of training you get.  This training is from people who have been in the trenches just like you and I. Also, there are daily wake-up calls (great for adjusting your mindset), weekly webinars and plenty of back office training.  There’s training on Prospecting, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Instagram, Closing, Attraction Marketing, Blogging, and loads more.  Pick the marketing strategy that best suits you and apply it.  In general, MLSP teaches you how to brand yourself and implement attraction marketing online so you can stop speculating and start earning.
  • Affiliate Program.  My Leads System Pro have an affiliate program which allows you to earn a commission when you refer others to the system. The majority of people aren’t going to join you in business but this allows you to help all those who want to make an additional income and learn something in the process.
  • Capture Pages.  MLSP already has pre-built capture pages allowing you to generate leads without having to learn how to create them on your own. You can also create funnels which sell your product or service.
  • Community.  MLSP has an amazing Facebook community and you can make some amazing connections. Everyone is super supportive and helpful to on another even though everyone business is different.
  • Blogging Platform.  For anyone wanting to become an authority in their niche through blogging, it’s now as simple as clicking a few buttons.  As a member, MSLP have made it possible for you to create your blog with all of the back end stuff already done for you. It's so simple you can create a blog within 10 minute!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If MLSP teaches you to attract other network marketers to you, aren’t those people already in a network marketing company already?

Yes, there are certainly times where you will get leads that are happy with their existing network marketing company but with My Lead System Pro, you can actually create a profit from those that DON’T join  your network marketing company. AND, many MLM’ers are always looking at new opportunities, if YOU get them on YOUR list, there’s a chance they will want to join you. If you only market your MLM, they would never have got onto your email list.

2. Does My Lead System Pro Work?
I always find this question a little strange. Think of MLSP like a computer.  If you buy a computer but never read the instructions, plug it in, turn it on and use it when appropriate, the computer doesn’t work, does it? If you follow the training inside MLSP it will help you attract more people to you and get more leads through their capture pages. If you join and never login, never do the training, and never implement the strategies, it most certainly will not work. However, if you are coachable and hungry for a better way to attract people to you, My Lead System Pro works.

3. Can I Make Money with My System Lead Pro?
There are several options inside MLSP for you to make an income. Most people start with the trial and a large percentage of them decide to stick so they can continue to generate leads and learn attraction marketing.

So, for you to make money with MLSP, you must first get people to opt into your my lead system pro capture pages and a certain percentage of them will decide to take the trial. So, instead of asking how can you make money with MLSP, the BETTER question is…

4. How do you generate leads with MLSP?

What most people do when they ATTEMPT to generate leads with MLSP is they simply copy and paste their capture pages on Facebook, on their profile and in groups. The problem with that is if someone on your profile hardly knows you or worse, doesn’t know you at all, they may click your link but once they see it is a capture page, they will click away. The best way, in my opinion, for you to get leads which will lead to sales, is to follow these simple steps:

  • Watch the different training videos inside MLSP and TAKE NOTES
  • Create a video or write an article or blog sharing your notes.
  • In your video or article use a call to action to tell those who find it how to go watch the original video.

The smart networkers that optin that truly want to create an online presence will grab the membership and you will get compensated!

5. Should I Do My Lead System Pro If I'm Totally Clueless When It Comes To Working The Computer?
To be honestly, probably not. My suggestion would be to taking a basic computer lessons at your local library, if you are totally lost when it comes to working the computer. You certainly do NOT have to be a genius by any means but if you struggle with right clicking, copying, and posting stuff on Facebook, MLSP may be too much of a hurdle for you.

6. Why did YOU join MLSP?
To be honest with you, I join MLSP twice.  The first time I was totally clueless as to how t would help me grow my business.  I kept hearing about it and rejoin, this time a was clear about what it was and the more I delved into it, the more I realised that MLSP is a great exposure agent.

7. What Does It Cost?

There is one thing that I've heard over and over again Network Marketing... it’s the one industry where more people want something for free without investing in anything.  If this is what you are after, then you should not be in business. Period!

My Lead System Pro has a monthly fee however, you can get a 10 day trial for only $10!  Even if you are not sure, you have got to give it a test drive and if you’re serious about building your business you will see the power behind this system.

8. How Can I Join?

If someone else has already introduced you to MLSP then get in touch with them,  grab their link and join us.  If not, then click here for the 10 day trial for $10 and join the MSLP experience.   It’s helped me and thousands of other entrepreneurs generate leads for their business on a weekly basis.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, feel free to comment below and share it with your team so they too can benefit.

With Love,

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