Move Forward To The Next

Feeling Stuck?

woman feeling stuck

You Just Have To Move Forward To The Next

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like your world has come to a sudden halt?  Here’s the thing, life is going to happen…projects will get delayed, computers will crash and if you are in business you may be thinking that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.  But the fact is this is just life.

How To Get Unstuck?

When you are faced with a dire situation, either in your personal or business life and cannot see a way forward do you just give up?  Is there even an option?  The fact is when we’re faced with crappy situations we’re unable to think straight, or even think our way out of  the situation.  The same holds true in business. Especially when you feel that it’s your passion.

What Life About?

Life was not designed to be easy.  Just think how boring it would be if everything was just simply?  We would not live life fully.  I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but when is life ever easy.  I’ll be the first to admit that there are days when my brains decides it’s on holiday whilst I have a ton of things to do…Clients to attend to, projects to go on with, and did I mention that I am a wife and a mother of 4.  The key is keeping your sense of humour, sometimes you just have to laugh.  Having a strong circle of friends is good as they will hold you up when you are feeling down. Finally have great skills is always a big PLUS and don’t worry if that person is not you, as long as you have skilled people on your team you are onto a winner.  Every person building a business needs these things.

Life will continue to throw things at you, so what are you going to do?  Move forward to the next.  You just have to move forward to the next thing.  Don’t worry too much about getting everything on your list done at once, it’s about getting it done and consulting the list so that it keeps you moving forward.

Challenges Are A Myth

If you are new to business, many of the challenges that you come across will appear as if someone is out to get you…sabotage.  If you are experienced enough you will know that this is just a part of business life.  All businesses have challenges, the government has challenges, the internet has challenges, clients have challenges, we all do, even in our personal lives.  It’s all a part of being human.  To think you can go through life or run a business without challenges is just delusional.  The challenges are not the issue, the issue is know what to do when they pay you a visit, which they will.

What should you do?  Move forward to the next thing on your list.

I used to have a million and one things on my To-Do-List and I remember the feeling of dread and despair. How was I ever going to get through it?  I felt that if I did not do EVERYTHING that was on my list that very same day, that made me a failure.  With time and experience I have learnt that in life, rarely is everything done.  Success is about moving forward, doing the next thing and enjoying the little moments.

Being A Writer

When I started writing, I would always struggle to write something down…the words left me.  Yes, I know, I am never lost for words but believe me when it came to writing…NOTHING!  What I did which helped was simply to change my environment.


Having momentum in your business and creating momentum in your life will be beneficial.  You may have no idea of what to move forward to but the key is never ever get stuck, never ever give up and never allow those negative voices to take over!

So, the next time you feel stuck, just remember to move forward to the next thing.


To Your Success,

Kimberley Drummond

Kimberley Drummond