What Motivates You?

The Power Of You

Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action.  It is a psychological factor which stimulates someone to act towards their desire.  It is often considered the driving force behind many successful people.  Motivation compels people to take action towards a desired goal.  It is an inner drive to behave or act in a certain manner.

lack of motivation

There is a particular day in the week where most people seem to need more motivation than on other days.  this may vary depending on people’s working patterns, but it’s generally Monday.  The lack of motivation that people experience is called the Monday Morning Blue.  Why is Monday the day where people seem to require motivation?  Remember, motivation is the psychological cause for taking an action.  Monday, traditionally is the first day of the working week after a day or two doing exactly what we like or something we enjoy doing.  It is the transition from doing the thing that we love, to doing what we don’t want to do. The main motivation seems to be monetary, however, for some this is not enough motivation.

The promise and desire for something greater needs to be in place to really stimulate someone to pursue that course of action which will deliver the conversion of a cherished goal which may be known or unknown to the one who seeks greater fulfilment than what is offered within a mere 7 days, which is usually a 9-5 and a couple of days of, and just when one feels their getting a grip or handle on their true purpose, it’s time to take  the foot of the peddle as the weekend is here again.

Motivation quote- Jim Rohn

Most people turn to their friends, their family and mentors to incentivise themselves or find out where they fit in the bigger picture because remotely for all the efforts and bridges built somehow the reward doesn’t quite match up to the effort and ingenuity that is required, which is why that underlying motivation must be deeply embedded into the subconscious.

Whatever you hold in your subconscious mind at some point will come to the fore and you need those feelings to be of the kind where achievement, success and reward are mirrored in your conscious so that whatever you are trying to achieve should be something that lights a fire deep within you.  It should be something that you truly want and this will inspire you to move through great lengths to achieve it.  The thing that you are trying to achieve should be a goal, a dream, something you have always wanted.  This will help you through the rough times when things are not going to plan.  This will be the thing that incentivises you to carry on regardless of how difficult things may be or how impossible they seem.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. ~ Thomas A. Edison

To achieve something great and give to others something of value you have to be motivated to push on towards your dream.  So, stay motivated and keep on keeping on, because you have something of value to share with the world.  The world awaits your contribution.