Mapping Out Your Success

The time to have the map is before you enter the woods.

~ Brendon Burchard

Would you agree that having the map and the right directions to a destination would get you there faster, using the most direct route than if you didn’t?  However, the majority of people spend a lot of time wondering around from pillar to post trying to get to their dream.

Road To Success

I too, was one of the wonderers, that is until I met my mentor.  I was working very hard and going nowhere fast.  I greatly desired to achieve massive success in my endeavours but it seemed unachievable. My mentor gave me the guidance that I need to get to where I wanted to go.  I found that the achievement of SUCCESS, had little to do with working hard.  It was having the map and a guidance that inevitably gained me the success that desired.

There are several specifics that one needs to know before being a success in life.

Goal – If you don’t have a goal or don’t know what it is, then now is the time to find out. Having a goal and putting your goal in writing is the first and most important step towards achieving success in any field.  The idea behind having a goal card has been around for a very long time.  What you will find is that most, if not all, the successful people have their goals down in writing.  There is a reason for writing down your goal.  Writing causes thinking, which creates an image in the mind.  The image stirs emotions which cause people to take action.  Of course when you take action in anything your get a result.  You see, there is power created with the written word.

Plan – A plan of action is important as this will set you apart from those that just sit there merely hoping and wishing for success.  A plan is what will put movement into your dreams and will make you realise them faster.  The plan creates a framework that will see you past the first hurdle and initial wobbles that you may face.

Model Success- Take a look at what the successful in your field are doing, then model their behaviour.  The best way to model success is to have a mentor, someone who has real life experience in the field, basically someone who is qualified to give you direction or advice.  Most people get advice from their peers and friends who know very little about what they are talking about. However, as most friend do, they will give advice based on what they have heard or how they feel on that particular day. Would you get advice on your finances from a artist or and author?  The best person to ask would be a banker.  Likewise, would you get advice on design and art from a banker?  Or how write and publish a book?  Talking to the correct people on a topic is important.

Surround Yourself – Surround yourself with people that will inspire you not hinder your progress.  This too is important, as the people who are closest to us will either make or break us.  If you have people who are negative around you, try to encourage them to be positive as this will have a direct effect on your progress. Alternatively start pruning the dead parts of your rose bush.

Resources – Ensure that you have access to the right resources for what you are trying to achieve.  Your mentor will direct you to the right places to obtain your resources.  Take their advice.  They know what they are talking about and they are trying to help you.  Also, you don’t need to know everything and do everything to become a success.  Most people who gain success, outsource most of their work…learn to delegate.

Criticism Or Feedback – A willingness to accept constructive criticism is not the same as accepting negativity in your life.  Feedback on your progress and how you can make things better or how get to where you’re going faster, should be welcomed by all.  Some people don’t take kindly to criticism, so instead of looking at it that way, view it as feedback..You can only get better.

Investment – Most people think that investments involve money, but this covers time too.  A willingness to invest time and money is crucial to success.  A person that is not willing to invest time and money towards their dreams or goal is lost. So get moving.  Figure out how much money and time your are willing to invest to see your dreams come to life.

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To Your Success,

Kimberley Drummond

Kimberley Drummond

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