Jyorei -A Japanese Spiritual Healing


Unless you make others happy, you can never be happy with yourself.  Gratitude breeds gratitude, discontent spawns discontent.  A grateful heart rises straight to God.  Because of this, people whose hearts are ever grateful are naturally fortunate and happy, but those who are discontent or who grumble are unfortunate and miserable.”

~ Mokichi Okada, Founder of Shumei

I experienced something astonishing and unexpected, whilst walking in the park.  It was a profound experience that enlightened me further.  As our spiritual side begins to grow, our awareness and our knowledge becomes profound.  I had that wonderful opportunity to experience, what is called a Jyorei.

Jyorei is a Japanese word which means purification of the spirit.  Jyorei a Japanese spiritual healing and a healing art which concentrates spiritual light.  The founder of Shumei said that all of life’s difficulties are caused by impurities or clouds within the spiritual world.  Using Jyorei, spiritual light is focused on these clouds and dissolves them.  This relieves physical, emotional and personal distress that is caused by these impurities.

Jyorei is an act of selfless giving and sharing.  It is a prayer for others.  A person who is receiving Jyorei on a constant basis often experiences profound healing in the spirit, mind and body which eventually leads to genuine happiness. Having had my first experience, I can honestly say that I experienced the most profound physical healing.  The healing was almost instantaneous that I found myself wondering if I was actually imagining things.  As my spiritual healer continued with his healing, I felt energy, power flow to and through me.

…this power is far greater than any condition or circumstance with which you could be confronted. ~ Bob Proctor

Jyorei Healing

I am grateful for the selfless giving that I experienced through this art of healing.  Make sure that your spirit is purified of all the things that may cloud your spirit, your mind and cause physical problems which will take effect on the body. Want to know more about Jyorei?

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