It’s Not For You!

There are many people who worry about their audience, what they think and what they are saying…
...the few who don't get the joke you just said
...the few who don't understand your plight
In marketing we are told to listen to the market and change what we say according to what the market is thinking.  But what if this is not your market?  Then what?
 woman 2
Well, this is not as big of a problem as you think.
No doubt these people may write reviews on your blog or youtube video.
They may even tweet how they feel, but that doesn't matter.
Well, if you insist on getting everyone who reads your blog, listens to your podcast or video, or everyone who follows you on social media to agree with everything you are saying, then you will just bore and alienate the people who need the most and those that need you.
Here's an idea, if you find yourself overwriting, over explaining, over working then you're probably protecting yourself against what the 2% are thinking.  Hand drawing light bulbOk, it might be 10%, 50% or even 90%.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is that there are people who need what you have and when you hold back and dumb down and conform, we are not just hurting ourselves, we are hurting the people who need to hear from us just so that we can satisfy those few that may never actually listen to us or use our products or services.
It's ok to be you and if it's not for them...Then it's ok to say,  "It's not for you."
If this blog is for you, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Much Love
Kimberley Drummond