Instagram LIVE Video Update

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo and video app has recently announced that it now has 1 million monthly active advertisers.  This is compared to the 500,000 in September 2016 and 200,000 earlier that year. What does this mean? Well, it could be caused by a variety of things, especially with the introduction of a new Stories component in November 2016. Instagram introduced a new component to Stories, which was very similar to what Snapchat’s very own.  They introduced the LIVE streaming!  This allows you to broadcast in real time but also allows you to engage with your viewers as they post on comment.  The only downside to this, is not being able to save the LIVE broadcast so that you can repurpose the content.

Cue in Instagram LIVE download…

This week, Instagram finally rolled out, to iOS and Android phones, the much needed feature and you can now save your live streams to your phone.

This means that you can re-watch your video at a later date and even post it to other social media platforms.  The only thing that’s not changing is the fact that the videos disappear after the LIVE is finished.

However, it does give you the option to save the it once the broadcast is done.   Some people think that saving videos negates the the whole thing of being “LIVE”. But you have to remember, stories disappear after 24 hours of being recorded and the LIVE streams immediately.

Have you used this new feature?

If so, how are you liking it?

What are you doing with the videos that you download?  Comment below, I’d love to know.