How To Quit Your Business Fast

Want to know how to quit your business fast?

If you are thinking of starting a business, have just started or have been in business for a while, this short tip may help you start on the right footing or move your business to the next level.

Most people, when they start a new business, especially in this economy.   They go around taking any job on board, saying yes to everything and anything, including any type of clients.   I have spoken many times about the importance of choosing your clients carefully and the repercussions are huge.

Want to know how to quit your business fast? Start by, saying yes to every job that comes your way.  This is what most people do and it will not only deplete you of energy, you will  be hit by a meteorite.

The name of this Meteorite is called overwhelm.

This may well stop you on your tracks and you will soon realise that you’ve been taking  too much things on board.  There’ll be follow ups with people that need doing, the work you promised to do will still be pending and not only that, you will start getting flooded with random projects from random clients and then the inevitable happens…

You lose control.

Eventually you start realising that…

  1. You underpriced your service or product and that it’s actually worth more
  2. That you’ve become the local slave for people who don’t value your work because they don’t understand the actual value you are providing and are willing to pay little for you hard work.
  3. You are beginning to dislike what you do.

This was me…I learnt this the hard way.  So, here’s a couple of tips for you.

Don’t take clients on board because they they are willing to hire you…

tanziteI know that a the beginning things may be difficult.  Clients and customers may seem as elusive like Tanzanite, but it’s important to start how you mean to go.  Choose your clients carefully.  Most people’s market is everyone, and they end up attracting no one.  So, when one person stumbles in and they take them on as a client or customer even if they are not willing to pay them what they are worth.
Don’t take clients on board if they don’t understand the value you provide…
And for goodness sake, charge what you are worth.
Stop under valuing yourself.  You are worth much MORE.

Kimberley Drummond

Kimberley Drummond

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