Goal Achieving-Productive Individuals

Goal Achieving

Goal Achievers are productive people


Most people generally lack direction in their lives, they give little or no considerations to what they truly want from life.  These people refuse to take chances in business and instead choose to accept the results that they get in their lives.  They tell themselves(and others) that the results were consequence of other people’s actions.  The state that the results were unavoidable and a fact of life.


The fact is that only a small percentage of the general population seem to have direction.  These few are the one who seem to have success in all their endeavours.  They are the ones that the rest of the population would dare to call ‘lucky’.

Here are  7 TIPS on how to goal achieve in 2013.

1.  Set A Goal Worthy Of Achieving–  This should be a dream or a vision you have had.   It should be something you really want to achieve professional or personal life, something beyond your current experience today.  Remember, the purpose of a goal is to grow, not stay the same.  Keeping a note of this, it will you surmount any difficulties that you may experience on journey to achieving your hearts desire.  Your goal has to be  expressed positively at all times-act as if your SUCCESS is certain, because it is.

2.  Burning Desire – Ensure that your goal is something you really want, something that you really want or desire.  You will find no growth attached in going for something mediocre.

3.  Think It then Ink It– Writing your goals is an important but often missed part of goal setting.  If your goals are written down you will have focus and this will aid you in the attainment of that which you desire.  There is great power in written words.  Writing causes one to think.  Thinking creates an image in your mind which stirs emotions.  Once your emotions are stirred up they cause a person to take action.  For example if you ‘feel’ happy you laugh or smile.  The laughing or smiling is the action set about by the happy emotion.  This is what alters the results in our lives and the results we get when we set goals. So, get emotionally involved in your goal.


4.  Map Out Your Plan– The creation of plans the 1st step to the attainment of your goal.  You need to write out a plan.

  • Five year plan
  • yearly plan
  • half yearly plan
  • monthly plan
  • weekly plan
  • daily plan

Breaking big goals down into smaller ones makes it more manageable and easier to achieve.  Taking measurable steps towards your desired goal.  It will also aid you in your focus on a day-to-day basis.  With a plan you will being to realise the opportunities before you.

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.  ~ Napoleon Hill

5.  Start Now – Don’t wait until tomorrow or the start of a new week to set your goals and make you plans.  Procrastination is a common reason why people never achieve their goals.  It is the thief of time and a killer of opportunity.  It makes things that are easy enough to do seem hard and impossible.

Be aware of this enemy and start immediately.

6.  Wishing Instead Of Willing – We are all guilty of this…I wish I was healthy, I wish I had more money…I wish I had a better paid job…I wish I could travel more…the list goes on.  You can sit there wishing all day long be results can only be achieved through action.  You must take action in order for you to achieve your goals.

7.  MasterMinding Join or create a MasterMind group.  Your MasterMind group, you will find people who will aid you in the attainment of your goal.  Through this alliance you will find sympathy, harmony and understanding.