How To Find A Gold Mine Of Prospects

How To Find A Gold Mine Of Prospects

The gold prospectors of the California gold rush quickly learnt one thing:  Those little nuggets can be very profitable but it took a lot of hard work to find them. In the 21st century we are still trying to find gold, but it’s in the form of prospects and not shiny stones.

So, where do you find these elusive prospects?

How do you get the word out, that you have what they are looking for?

Here are  a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Open Your Mouth- Nobody knows should know your product or service better than you and they don’t. Look out for opportunities to tell people about it.  If you feel that you’re not a great communicator hen start small.  Always start where you are. If you never speak about your product, how can anyone buy from you?
  2. Create videos – This will enable people to not only find you, gain value and learn from you but it will allow people to get to know, like and trust you.  When people know, like and trust you, they will follow when you lead and they will also buy from you.
  3. Create PDFs (ebook or reports) – This is similar to the video idea but even better if you would like to put something into the hands of your prospects.Make a list of resources that the prospect can refer to.  Of course your company’s name, logo and contact information will be prominently displayed if they need to call an expert – YOU!
  4. Make use of your website- A website is no longer the only option.  You can create a blog or a vlog which is a journal about any topic you choose.  It’s a great way of communicating quickly with potential and current customers.
  5. Make the connection – There is nothing better than communicating with people online or in person.  Even if people don’t buy from you or are not in your niche, they may be able to help someone else. Develop a network of important contacts where you can do referrals.  This is the way of business.
  6. Give something away – Everyone likes a freebie, so make sure you have something to give away, from a contest to free training, hangouts, webinars the list goes on.
  7. Use the MAIL – This is another way of communicating with prospects.  Once they opt-in, keeping the lines of communication open is important so when you offer your service or product they will know, like and trust you enough to join you.  Use email, direct mail or whatever is within your budget.

Keep your eyes open for the gold nuggets because they are everywhere, you just need to keep your eye open for those shiny sparkles that mean success to you and your business.

To Your Success,

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