Feel The FEAR And Do It Anyway

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Many times we have the desire to do something, go for that job, write that book or compete in that race.  However, there is ‘something’ that somehow slips in, undetected into the subconscious mind and sets to work. That ‘something’ works on our vulnerability and our deepest fears, so much so that we can no longer concentrate on our desires and our goals.  The fears that we feel paralyses us and leaves us unable to take action.

What is it, that stops most people from pursuing the things that make them happy?  It’s the fear of what others may say… “Will others laugh at me or think that I am weird?”, “will they stop loving me if I want to do this thing?”.  The fear of failure is so vividly clear in our minds that it becomes impossible for us to think of success.  This is the reason why so many people are not successful in life because they spend the majority of it worrying about the thoughts of others or how it may look to the general public.

If you ask any wealthy or successful person, they will tell you that they too feel the fear, but manage to get over it.  But how do they get over it?

There are certain steps you can take to ease the fear and empower your to take the action to get you to where you want to be.

  1. Find someone to talk to about your fears–you may find that someone else has faced the same fears as you, and has found a way through them that can help you.
  2. Feel the FEAR and do it anyway.  This is the most direct route to conquering your fears.  When you start getting those pangs of fear creeping in, take immediate action.  
  3. Try to think logically about your fears.  What is it that you truly fear?  Does it seem like a logical thought?
  4. Write a paragraph or two about how your life will be different when you overcome that fear that has bugged you for so long, and why the potential benefits are worth some risk.
  5. Positive self talk-encourage yourself and speak positively about your desires.
  6. Failing is not  the end of the world – If you’re afraid to fail at something, make yourself a list of the things you can try if you do fail at first.  It never hurts to plan ahead.  (They put redundant systems on the Space Shuttle for this very reason.)
  7. Make sure that the outcome is something that you truly desire.

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Kimberley Drummond

Kimberley Drummond

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