Belief-Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

“Believe and your belief will actually create the fact.” ~ William James

There is a word found in ancient texts and all the greatest leaders of the world have mentioned it as been important in their success.  That word is ‘BELIEF

Belief is an integral part of success in any field.  It has the ability to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.  But what is belief and how does it play a part in our success?

The majority of the time, people operate with 2 belief systems…the belief that we actively choose form our conscious mind (thinking/logical mind) and the one that exists in our subconscious mind (emotional mind).  This dissection in our beliefs, is the reason why most people get stuck in life.  There is a tug of war going on within us.  Our beliefs are not aligned with our behaviour. Determine where you are with your beliefs.  Are your conscious beliefs and your subconscious beliefs congruent?

We need to understand this so we can chose the belief that we want to be integrated with our daily behaviour. What are the beliefs you have that are preventing you from being a success?

A great example of a belief system that most people are using is the fact that if we work VERY hard, we will get more money.  I can tell you from actual experience that working hard does not get you the money.  Hard work does not equal more money.

Many people believe that there is security in having a job.  What happens when they become redundant or lose their job.  They lose their self confidence and feel worthless.  They become demoralised.  They thought because they were loyal that they were secure.  People then become resentful and start blaming others.

Blaming others will not change things.  Taking responsibility for where you are right now, is the key to creating the life you desire.

“We are all responsible for where we are and the results we are experiencing.” ~ Bob Proctor

If you don’t like the results you are getting, then take a look at your beliefs.  Are you beliefs integrated with you behaviour?  It is through our belief in ourselves that we are able to accomplished great and wonderful things.  Think about Thomas Edison…Would we have  the incandescent light or many of the other hundred wonderful things that he invented, had he given up.  Had he not believed in himself or what he was doing when he failed 10 000 times.

Belief in yourself is very important.

It wasn’t until I started to believe in myself that began to create the life I wanted.  My belief of who I was and what I was capable of doing changed dramatically.  I started to realise that I was capable of great things and that I could hold in my hand what I saw in my head.  I realised that is was not only persistence that helped but the belief in myself…in my own abilities.

Remember, you have infinite potential without limitations.  The only limitations you have are the ones you put for yourself.  You can improve any and every part of your life regardless of where you are right now and what’s going on around you.

Experiencing happiness, having good health and being prosperous are all normal and natural states.  The only thing that stops us from experiencing this normal sate is our beliefs.

Believe in yourself

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