Being Authentically You

Nothing is new under the sun…
I’ve heard this phrase many times, but never truly understood it’s meaning.
You see...
Tony Robbins  learnt from and build on what Jim Rohn taught him.  Prior, Jim Rohn learnt from Earl Shoaff.  The same can be said for the likes of Bob Proctor who was mentored by Earl Nightingale. Earl's mentor was Napoleon Hill who was commission by Andrew Carnegie find out what made people successful.  Likewise, Oprah Winfrey was Maya Angelou and the list is infinite. But the point is that we all learn from someone.Whatever you chosen field, there is an authority figure who is making huge waves in the industry:
✔ Learn from them.
✔ Model them.
✔ Build on what you have learnt.
✔ Then deliver it in your own way.
You see, there's nothing more painful than seeing someone trying to be someone else.  It's so unauthentic, boring and quite frankly sad and there's a part of everyone that intuitively knows that you are trying to be someone you are not because you too know that you're not being you.
It's called the law of transference
You feel it...
They feel it...
Everyone feels it...
And it repels people.
Authenticity is key! Being a key person of influence does not involve you:
  • copying others
  • blending in
  • and not being authentic
The thing is that people buy into YOU!  If you have people that buy from you or have raving fans, then the likelihood is that their actions are tied up with how much they like you and your delivery.  They see your originality in your approach and it is so refreshing that they woken up from the boredom that they go through day in, day out.
Don't change who you are to suit what you think the world wants. Authenticity is the way forward. Trying to please everyone will dilute your message and quite frankly it can be quite exhausting.  Instead do things your way.Say it in only they way you can.  And you will find that you will attract the most amazing people who not only understand, but totally "get" you!
Just do your thing in the only way you can, by being YOU!
I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, comment below and tell me what you think.
Love from
Kimberley Drummond
Kimberley Drummond
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