Add Value In Your Content Marketing

Value! Value! Value!

That’s what you should be posting, not only on your blog but on all your social media platforms.  I see far too many people leading with their product or service, but if you’re not giving value how are you going to build the know, like trust factor?

And no! 20 million hashtags is NOT going to get you a paying client!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is very similar to attraction marketing.  The end goal is to attract a paying client or customer.  I’ve been watching and learning from the likes of Eric Worre (Networking Marketing Pro), Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Woman), Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketers), Tony Robbins (Business Mastery) and many others.  What I discovered is that, being a success at marketing does not happen by accident.  Marketing requires time, attention and most importantly, strategic planning.  The sad thing is, that’s exactly what I was doing, and that’s what most home business owners are still doing now.  They take on a haphazard approach to marketing yet all you need is to keep it simple and structured. Putting every strategy you have learnt and hoping for the best is not going to get you the paying client.

Reason For Creating Content

There are 3 major reasons for creating content.  However, these are not the only ones but they are the main ones.

  1. Attracting followers is the fuel that drives traffic to your website and it’s also a great way to brand yourself if you create unique and relevant content
  2. Establishing yourself an industry leader is very important and creating content is the way to do this.
  3. Cheaper and often free way of marketing and generating traffic to your website.

people-woman-bkg-1Knowing your target audience is key.  This will enable you to do the next step effectively. If you have clearly defined your target audience, understand their needs, wants and pains, then you can then set about creating content helping them solve their problems. Keep in mind that your content should not be promotional, that’s what your paid advertising does. What you’re trying to do is allow your audience to get to know, like and trust you.  Consequently, drawing more traffic to you therefore, creating more sales.

Content could be in any form that you desire, written (blog, social media post, report etc.), an image (this is great especially on places like Instagram) or a video.  What’s even better is to do all three. Before you start stressing about the time it will take.  Here’s a strategy that I have learnt and I’m putting it into play, so feel free to join me:

  1. Create a short content video
  2. Create a blog covering what you spoke about
  3. Create an image based on your content
  4. Post on Youtube, Social Media and on your blog.

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