7 Ways To Stand Out On Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay and it’s become a major part of the average person’s life.  With videos, images ads and much more, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.  So, what can you do?

Here are 7 ways to stand out in social media:


Stop trying to fit in with the Joneses! It’s boring and quite frankly this is why you message is being lost in the noise.  Think about it! If you’re saying the same thing in the same way as others, why would anyone be following you or listening to what you are saying?  

For those that are using VAs to help with scheduling, keep in mind that there’s nothing like your own unique voice and people resonate with that.

So, just be YOU! Say it in your way and be unique.  Remember, no one likes Vanilla, people like flavour.


This is where people struggle.  They don’t know what their vision is and if they do know their vision, they struggle with connecting with it.  

Here’s the thing…

When you connect with your vision, it shows in everything you do and it attracts people.  It shows itself as passion!

Find your passion and share it with others.


Now, there’s no need what so ever to be on Facebook or Instagram ALL day long. You can make a HUGE impact with a few minutes each day.  

Creating a social media schedule is the best way to make use of your time, so you don’t stress about posting.  There are paid services such as Hootsuite, Buffer and PostPlanner where you can schedule your posts across your social media platforms.  If you have little or no budget you can use the analytics to figure out when your audience is most active on that platform, so you post when they are most active.


You probably hear this all the time, but your first priority is that of your audience.   Knowing what they want and giving it to them is the first step.

The key is to listen intently in groups and forums and see what people are talking about, what questions are being asked and figure out how you can help them.

The key is sharing your knowledge!


So many people get onto the social media platforms and forget that it’s just that...SOCIAL.  

Here’s the thing...

Even though many people make money through selling on social media, you’ve got to remember that people are not there to be sold to. They are there to connect with their family and friends.  Make sure that your content is sociable, inspirational, motivational and engaging.

#6 - Time To Go LIVE!

Yes, here it is again! I know that you may not want to hear this, but video and LIVE streaming is the way forward.

Just take a look at the social media platforms.  Live streaming is available on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope and many more.  It’s the way things are headed now.  People are now expecting brands to be doing this.

Time to get comfortable on camera and start streaming! Download your Facebook LIVE checklist which will tell you what to do before, during and after your LIVE event.  If you are serious about become more visible and using the Facebook LIVE feature but are unsure about what to do....Join the GO LIVE Challenge

#7 - Be Consistent

In a world that is constantly changing, people look for things that they can rely on.  On social media, the more that people can see your brand, the more likely they are to engage with it.   Posting on a regular basis on your chosen social media platform helps create the know-like-trust factor so don’t be a one hit wonder!

Download my FREE Social Media Strategy Guide that will help to ensure that your activities on Social Media beneficial.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, COMMENT below and let me know, what are YOU doing, to stand out on Social Media?