7 Top Marketing Tips To Keep Your Sales Pipeline FULL

When it comes to sales and making money from those sales, it’s simply down to hard work and persistence.  If you’re looking for a magic pill or potion to getting dales then you probably shouldn’t be in business.

If you want to double your present income all you have to do is follow a simple strategy and execute the plan accordingly.  If you want to do it in 30 days, then get committed and step up your urgency. Attitude is key to building and keeping your sales pipeline full.  It ultimately boils down to your self-discipline and how good it is.  How consistent are you in what you are doing?

Make 10 New Prospect Calls Per Day

Many people don’t like making phone calls to get new prospects, but this is the bloodline of your business.  If you’re not making the calls or are reluntant to doing it then the thing that you call a business is probably a hobby.  Making contact with people each day is important to the growth of you business.  Don’t live in a bubble, get out there, make contact with people and serve them.

If you're fearing making calls, read this piece in the Business Insider on how to get over it. Don’t run from away from sales. Update your thinking to the now and understand that sales is the engine powering ALL businesses.

Make 10 New Appointments Per Week

Talk to the prospect about her business pain, what her challenges are and understand if your product or service can solve their headache. Ask questions. Listen actively, talk less and listen more. Schedule next steps and a follow-up call before getting off the phone.

Make 10 Follow-Up Calls Per Day

You know the old saying...

"The money is in the list" but no only is the money in the list, the FORTUNE is in the follow-up.  If you want to not just make money in your business but create a legacy, understand that following up is imperative to your business. Research has shown that only 2% of sales occur at the first meeting, the 2% who buy at a first meeting tend to be people who have already done some reseach into the subject matter, and already know what they're looking for. If they meet someone who ticks all the right boxes and they get on well, then business may well be transacted. But be aware that this is far from the norm. The other 98% will only buy once a certain level of trust has been built up and this is why the follow-up is important. This why the fortune is in the follow-up. Always, always follow up!

Make ONE Strong Presentation In The Morning & ONE In the Afternoon

Presentations are for interested prospects.  Start the call by asking a number of questions confirming their business challenges which would have been established in appointment call. Begin to present only those aspects of the product or service that directly link to solving those business pains. Don't talk about the features, no one cares about the aeroplane ride, people are concerned about the destination and certainly don’t offer random things hoping that they stick. Remember to be confident - confidence begets confidence.

Join TWO Business Or Lead Associations

Leads are the bloodline of your business, without these your business will perish and die. There need to be a stead flow of new leads into your business. Today, this has never been easier with social media and companies that train you on obtaining leads for your business. I use My Lead System Pro (MLSP) for my business and if you are looking for a way to generate more leads online, learn specific skills to help you grow your business, then MLSP could be the Gold Mine you've been searching for.

Attend At Least Two Networking Functions Per Week (Where Your Best Customers Or Prospects go)

Networking events and platforms are the manna of the business world. Not only do they offer a great way to connect with current customers, but also a new place for you to grow your list of prospects. It is a great way to start creating and nurturing relationships through engaging in conversations, sharing relevant content and generally getting to know the people who are keen followers of your brand.  Connect today, join Facebook communities and face-to-face meet up groups.

Keep Accurate Daily Records

If you don't record what you are doing each day then your ability to follow-up is zero.  If you don;t have one, create a daily sales log (preferably on Excel) which should cover the following:

  • Type of Call ( New, Follow-up)
  • Number of Follow-ups made today
  • New appointments made today
  • Appointments attended today
  • Sales made today
  • £/$ contracted for today
  • £/$ collected today
  • Commission (£/$) earned today

Ensure that you keep a separate file or sheet for each contact.  What you are recording should be by contact status not by time status such as what you did on Tuesday morning. This will help you understand and know where you are in the selling cycle.

For more marketing tips and strategies, join the Entrepreneur Hub, community of awesome entrepreneurs who are making things happen.

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