7 Killer Marketing Strategies

Today, I’m sharing 7 Killer Marketing Strategies to lay the foundation for #MarketingMonday

So let’s get started!

1. Pick just one day each week to work ON your business and your marketing

If you’re going to grow your business, and apply some new marketing strategies, you need some time to do just that. Set some time aside, where you will do nothing but work on your marketing.

Take day in the week where you block off at least a couple of hours to work on improving, systemizing and implementing new strategies that can work without you.

Marketing Monday is a great idea…and this may seem like a simple idea, but if you set aside this time, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to accomplish…and the improvements you’ll be able to make.

2. Focus on one target market at a time

The biggest mistake that people make is to be all over the place. Most people who start thinking about expanding their business start by expanding their territory. Moving out to include the NEXT town over…thinking the grass is always greener …and that if they have a bigger territory, they just need to get a small piece of a bigger pie.

I’ll tell you now, it will never work.

This is an almost counter intuitive idea, but if you can focus your attention on a SINGLE target market, a couple of great things start to happen.

Firstly, things get a lot simpler and eventually crystal clear.
Secondly, targeting a single market, focuses your thinking, and allows you to concentrate on developing marketing systems that will attract a very specific segment of the market.

This is when most people panic because they don’t want to be stuck with a single target market, but the good news is that this is not forever. What I’m actually suggesting here is that you choose a single target market at a time and then move on to Idea #3…which is.

3. Plan to dominate your market

Planning to DOMINATE is not the same as trying to just get a small piece of a lot of markets.

Never go into a market just to get a small piece of it…go into that market with the intention of getting ALL of it.

It’s a powerful intention. you can’t even say the words or think the thought of DOMINATING a market without changing your physiology.

It’s that focus and attention that’s going to allow you to accomplish big things

4. Stop settling for advertising that “pays for itself” and only do advertising that MULTIPLIES itself.

Stop settling for advertising that only pays for itself, start doing advertising that multiplies itself.

What do I mean?

Well, how much more money will you be willing to spend if you KNEW that every single time you spent £1/$1 you would get back £5/$5?  You would spend more right?

You need to start paying attention to implementing low cost lead generation strategies, focused on a single target market.  In doing this you will find that it’s not unusual  to get returns of between 30% or 50% on every £1 spent.

I want you to take the mindset that you’re in the Money Multiplication business, and it just so happens that the vehicle you’ve chosen to multiply money is your business.

….and that’s a completely different mindset for a lot of people.

5. Automate. Outsource. Delegate.

If you’re going to grow a business, you’ve got to start letting go of the things that could be done by someone else.  Your role in this growing business is to set up systems that can be run by other people.

Start by automating all the things you can by skilfully using tools like Free recorded messages, websites and autoresponders to do most of the heavy lifting in your lead generation.

Once you free yourself from some of the mundane tasks of the day to day running of your business…you have complete control over the amount of business you can generate.

By constantly focusing on creating a systematic way of handling your business and filling those roles with other people will literally give you unlimited potential in your business.

6. Get Your current Clients to lead you to your NEXT clients

Once you’ve got to the point where you are now getting many clients as you would like, you can now start leveraging.  Your task should be to get half the people you do business with, to refer someone to you before the end of their transaction.

Now I know most, people wait until the end of the transaction to ask for referrals.  However, by that time it’s too late. They’re not in the same mind space they were in while they were going through the transaction…things like the level of excitement change throughout the process.

7. Focus on the lifetime value of your clients

One of the big mistakes most people make is to focus on building a transactional business where they focus on doing the NOW transactions, and don’t pay any attention to the EQUITY they have an opportunity to build…which is repeat and referral business.

Your relationship portfolio is your most valuable, virtually competition proof asset that you can nurture for a never ending return.

Don’t do what most people do, start focusing on building long term clients who will in turn refer your products or services to others.  Always think about providing long term value.

No remember, these 7 strategies may seem simple but don’t be fooled by their simplicity.  This strategies have the potential to make every dream, hope, desire and goal you have for your business come true.

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