3 Ways To Build Your Email List Using Social Media

Everybody is talking about how amazing social media is and how they are getting clients and customers using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The question is how?

Below are 3 simple ways to building your email list using social media.


1. Run a free training class! Audio-only (teleclass) is the easier, next step up is a webinar with a slide presentation, followed by a live recording of you speaking (Google Hangouts). Make sure the content specific, juicy and actionable. Make a nice image that summarises the title, the date and the main benefit points. Share this in Facebook groups and on Instagram with a link to an opt-in page. Once people have opted in, don’t be shy about reminding them about when the training class is taking place and what it’s all about. Offer a worksheet or activity book to attendees so they can nail home the content. Make this something they will want to keep or even post on the fridge, and brand it so you stay in their minds as an expert.

Women's Lounge - Free2. Freebie opt ins! Create a PDF, video training, audio training etc and share a snippet of the info in Facebook groups. Say the rest is in your freebie and here is the link to download! Or ask people to comment if they want the freebie and simply send over a Facebook message. Whether you use an opt-in or not, make sure the freebie has some of info about YOU and your business, and offers a call to action such as “join my Facebook group” or “book a discovery call with me” or “join my webinar”.


Winning advantage3. Run Facebook ads! (But before you do this make sure that you know what you’re doing – take a course). Run your ad to a free class or freebie so that people have the chance to really interact with you, rather than just running a ‘Like’ campaign.


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