3 Strategies To Use In Your Email Marketing

Every morning we are faced with an avalanche of emails, some of which we put straight into the bin.  I have to admit that I am guilty of that.  It’s just the nature of things, everyone dreads their inbox messages, especially on Monday mornings or if you’ve had a break from work…that is unless they are expecting something.  However, regardless of how we feel as a whole, email continues to be a very powerful medium to attract new clients and prospects.

So, here are just 3 strategies that you can use in your email marketing which will increase the response rate of your prospects or clients.

  1. Send them something of value something exceptional…This is the easiest thing to do in email marketing yet people are not doing it effectively.  Do your research on your prospects, knowing what they want is key to getting their attention, otherwise you will be just shooting in the dark.
  2. Get people to your site ASAP…It’s important to get people off your email and to your website for many reasons, the most important being that if they remain on the email they are likely to get distracted and click onto something else.  You have more control when they are on your website.
  3. Use POWERFUL open loop subject lines and then deliver what you suggested in your subject line. Try not to write something crazy or shocking to get people’s attention then don’t deliver what you said in your headline/subject line.  People feel let down, they won’t trust you and they will think that you are just full of hype.

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To Your Success,

Kimberley Drummond


Kimberley Drummond