3 Steps Be More Productive On Social Media

You came on Facebook to post something constructive and then you are now stuck scrolling down the news feed and you’ve completely forgotten why you came on there in the first place.  Sound familiar?

For most entrepreneurs this is often the case unfortunately.  We sometimes get overwhelmed by social media that it completely takes over our lives.  If only there was a way…

The good news is that there is!

Having spoken to many entrepreneurs, the one thing that they all have in common is the fact the they know how to handle social media without the overwhelm.  Isn’t that great news?  So, I gathered the top tips to being more productive in social media so you can do what you love most, creating valuable content for clients.

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The first thing to do is create categories for your content.  In section 3 I will explain in greater detail why this is an important step towards getting less overwhelmed. Here’s a list of the categories that each of post may fall under.

  1. Tips
  2. Picture Post
  3. Blog Post
  4. Questions
  5. Promotions
  6. Personal picture or post

So, decide what your categories.  What content do you normally post and what category does it fall under?

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When you’re creating all of your social media content on the go, it can be overwhelming…you end up feeling that all you are doing is creating social media content, day-in day-out.  I know because this was me and I felt exhausted and over whelmed.

So, here’s a tip.  Batch your contact your content by creating folders on your computer or Google Drive.  Build a library of content that you can tap into whenever required.   Create lots of picture quotes, tips, questions etc. (or whatever if relevant for you in your niche) and save them to your folder, so you have them ready to go.

Once you’ve done this it means that you don’t have to be constantly scrambling around for content to share or have to think about it as this can be quite tiring and puts most people off the whole social media thing.  Over time you can build your “Content Library” just start where you are.

Also remember, you can reuse your content, in fact you should reuse it. On my fan page I post out the same picture quotes over and over again and each time they’ll get the lots of engagement. Why? You’ll find that the brilliant quotes that your audience love, even if they have seen them before, will get lots of likes and share and also people aren’t on social media 24/7, so only a small portion of people will actually see the post at any one time.

TIP: Ensure that the content you are creating is totally awesome and created with your target audience in mind.

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This a critical part to you being more productive on social media. All the social media experts recommend that you must create a social media timetable, so you know what you’re posting and also when you’re posting it.

Why?  Well, without this, social media becomes…

terribly overwhelming, awfully time consuming and an extremely messy experience.

I remember when I first created a timetable for my post, it felt so good.  Suddenly, there was clarity and I felt lighter somehow.

Here’s what you need to do to create your timetable:

✔ Decide what times of the day you want to post

✔ Figure out what you want to post in each time slot

✔ Write it all up in a timetable, so you can see it on paper

✔ Timetable it!

Here’s an old version of my timetable for Facebook but use it to get an idea of how to use your timetable: 

FB Post tabling

So there you go, the 3 steps to being more productive on social media and eliminating overwhelm.  Social media is an amazingly powerful way for you to build your audience and share your message, but we need to be smart about how we do it.

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