Why You Will Give Up Your 2017 Resolutions

DON’T QUIT your resolutions before you get a chance to begin!

Why am I saying this now?  Because it’s coming…

The negative self talk

The lack of belief in your power

The procrastination and the excuses. They are all coming soon.

You see, it’s the beginning of the year and everyone feels great! But very soon the onset of old habits, challenges and setback come into play and then…well, the resolutions are down the toilet!

Don’t let this be you!

Tell me, what would your business be like if you didn’t give up on your goals the instant you encountered a setback?

What if you started looking at setbacks as part of the entrepreneur journey of becoming an AWESOME problem solver?

No one has a PERFECT life. We ALL come across obstacles in our lives but it’s what we do when they come our way that defines us.

Here are a few tips that should help you move strongly towards your goals.

Tell A New Story

They only thing that separates you from the successful is the story you keep telling yourself. Things like:

  • I don’t have the money…
  • I cannot afford this or that…
  • I’m broke…
  • I can’t…

The list goes one, but your get the picture.  This is EXACTLY what is keeping you poor, broken and not able to achieve your goals. A simple way to start telling yourself a new story is by creating one. Try this..

Instead of saying, “I don’t have £100 to spare” Ask yourself, “How can I make an extra £100?”

Instead of “I cannot afford to buy this.” Ask, “How can I afford to buy this?”

There’s a part of the brain that when asked a question, it set about finding answers.  By doing this you will activate your reticular activation system and you will see opportunity where once there wasn’t any.

Wake Up Earlier

Now most of you always complain about the lack of time to do this and that.  If you want to achieve your business goals and start living that life that you’re always talking about, then you’ve got to start doing things differently. You can get so much done if you start your day an hour or two earlier and very soon you’ll start feeling that you’ve made major progress toward achieving your goals.

Give Gollum Something To Do

What?? Yes you heard right!  The most influential voice is the one in your head.  It’s what can make or break you.  It’s always there talking, advising and trying to keep you safe from danger. If you’re successful, it’s because of what the voice is saying to you.  If not, then you’ve guess it…the voice again!

So what can you do about it?  Well, you’ve got to become friends with your Gollum (voice) and give it something to do.  Keep the tasks simple…

So, if you’re wanting to increase your sales but don’t like selling and know that the voice will start the chatter, make friends with it by saying something that will align with what you are trying  to achieve.

“Watch Paypal the account!”   Now you have it on side working for you.

You can even have fun with this! List out all of the ways that you can approach this “challenge” so that you’ll be successful.

Tell 10 New People About Your Biz Each Day

You’re not making any money in your business because NO ONE knows what you do and what you are selling.  No, I’m not say pitch people, what I’m saying is build organic relationships with people. Build your tribe of people who resonate with you and your message and start changing lives!

And finally, stay consistent.

Stay Consistent

This is the area where most people struggle with. But remember, the best way to eat an elephant is in small bites, so make sure that you are doing small things but staying consistent with them.  This is not just for your business but in everything that you do.  It’s these small steps that will eventually get you closer to your destination.

The area where I see most people struggling to gain traction happens the moment that they encounter an obstacle. Instead of viewing the obstacle as the “end,” just remember that it is actually the “beginning.” If you aren’t encountering any obstacles then you aren’t trying. This is a good thing to remember. Stay consistent and you will continue to grow and expand your entrepreneurial muscles.

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